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[1.7.10][ssp/smp][Iguanas Tinker Tweaks——匠魂强化][HAYO][永久更新]提高匠魂难度

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工具将会有经验值,随着等级提高工具的强化次数也会被增加;但是在工具被制作出来时将不会有强化次数。Tools level up from usage and reward bonuses. However they start with 0 modifiers
Tool Parts of existing Tools can be replaced
Additional Mob Heads
Mob Heads (and xp) can be used to level up your Pickaxes Mining Level
Upgrading the Tool-Head removes the Head and reduces a bit of the Mining XP
Patterns and Casts display applicable Materials in their Tooltip
Tool Parts can be reused in the Part Builder命令:


升级工具到下一等级(Levels the tool up to the next normal/mining level.
/toolxp xp

设置工具的经验值(Increases the tool xp by the given amount.

Dumps all tools items it can find into a file to use for the Overwrite module.

Dumps all oredict entries into a file
2.1.5Prevent crashes on part-replacement caused through mod-interactions
Fix repairing tools via autocrafting possibly returning incorrect results under specific circumstances
Fix lava clay buckets not breaking when putting lava into tanks
Fix Shurikens giving tools XP
Fix Mattocks gaining XP without actually creating farmland
Fix several edge cases where tools would be recognized as incorrect if diamond/emeralds and specific configs were present

2.1.4aFix a problem with BloodMagic and Override
Fix Silktouch not being taken into account for part replacement
Small fix to incorrect data in an edge case

2.1.3Override Module: Can now set a required tool for blocks that originally don't require a tool to harvest (wood logs,...)
Override Module: HarvestLevel Names can now also be set by items, not only tinker materials
Fix possible negative modifiers
Fix quartz modifier breaking
Fix parts not being replacable if the same part with the same material already exists on the tool (Hammer plates,...)
Fix Localization issues with override module
Fix Tools with HarvestLevel > 9 not being boostable with override module active
Several smaller issues
Several other fixes
Even More fixes

2.1.2MaterialOverride can now specify a special XP-modifier per material
Removed fletching/bowstring/arrowshaft/bolt restrictions
Fixed crashes with bows/crossbows
Fix Paper/Thaumium modifier when replacing parts
Fixed Arrows/Bows getting XP when hitting stuff by leftclicking
Fix incorrect stat detection and replacing with vanilla diamond/emerald modifier
Fix bolts turning to wood when updating incorrect stats

2.1.1Remove obsidian alloy (with config) to prevent early obsidian creation
Removed Bowstring and Fletching from restriction config
Fix vanilla tool white/blacklist disabling tools it shouldn't
Fix crash when using vanilla arrows

2.1.0Tinker Weaponry Compatability
Lowered default chances for some suboptimal modifiers
Fix knockback-modifier on levelup being too weak (and therefore basically useless)
Some other smaller fixes, mostly from 2.0.7

2.0.7Fix Enchanted Bowstring and Leaf Fletching not working with disallowed Stone tools
Fix claybuckets with liquids they can't contain
Several Crash fixes
Some other fixes

2.0.6Fixes more bugs with Part Restrictions and Material Overrides

2.0.5Fixes the bug with Part Restrictions and Material Overrides
Updated for TConstruct 1.7.0

2.0.4FMP Support!
This Update makes FMP saws compatible with the harvest level changes.
While I was at it, I also added a Ardite, Cobalt and Manyullyn Saw and FMP support for most Tcon blocks.
Note that there was a Botania Bug that causes FMP blocks not being craftable.


[*]Fix disabled modifiers being awarded
[*]Fix possible crash related to modifier weights
[*]Fix a crash when using bones/sticks/... for part replacement
[*]Fix error with oredict block overrides
New Stuff

[*]Override Module: Harvestlevel names can be defined through tool materials


[*]Tinkers Construct 1.7.10-1.6.0d40
[*]Recommended Forge Version: 1207


[*]The bronze nerf option is gone. It is now the DEFAULT behaviour!
[*]You can apply a Diamond/Emerald to a bronze pickaxe to be able to mine obsidian (Thanks Unknown_Zombie for the idea)
[*]Weapons now require XP depending on their damage (no more 400 flat xp for every weapon!)
[*]Tools also gain a small amount of xp for hitting stuff with it
[*]Modifiers rewarded on levelup now depend much more on what you did with the tool
[*]Dagger can now be made as an earlygame weapon
[*]Changed some config defaults
[*]Tools will not try to automatically update themselves anymore on changes to prevent unforeseen incompatibilities/crashes.

New Features:

[*]Override Module! (see main post)
[*]A piece of String can now be used as a binding
[*]ITT Heads can be used to stabilize thaumcraft infusion
[*]Config for crafting parts in the crafting window (Part Builder)
[*]Config for crafting tools in the crafting window (Tool Station/Forge)
[*]Config for reusable stencils
[*]Config to set at which levels random bonus modifiers are awarded
[*]Config for pickaxe boosting has been changed a bit
[*]Config to set the amount of modifiers new tools have
[*]Config option to disable Netherstar, Diamond+Goldblock, etc. extra modifiers
[*]VersionChecker support
[*]Added Yellorium at obsidian harvestlevel
[*]Added poor ore support from Railcraft
[*]Russian localization
[*]German localization
[*]Italian localization


[*]Clickable cows!
[*]Villager chests wont contain items that break the progression anymore
[*]Fix Thermal Expansion/Redstone Armory not having updated harvest levels
[*]Chisels gain XP when crafting blocks in the crafting window
[*]Fix some ExtraTic Material Stats
[*]Harvestlevel were partly incorrect if the HarvestLevel module was disabled
[*]Lots of fixes


[*]Fix Autosmelting Tools not rewarding XP
[*]Changing tool parts on a Tool with redstone/quartz caused it to eat up modifiers
[*]Fix a crash when replacing parts on an invalid (stone) tool
[*]Some ExtraTiC materials had incorrect stats
[*]Metallurgys Fantasy Metals and Nether Metals had incorrect harvest levels


[*]Bump required Forge version to 1197
[*]Osmium now requires Redstone-Harvestlevel instead of Obsidian
[*]Modules are now in the iguana-config folder and have been renamed slightly

New Features:

[*]The game will now try to automatically update Tools with old/incorrect NBT data. You get a message if it detects an incorrect tool, just put it in a regular crafting window to obtain the fixed tool.
[*]Ability to also make non-Tconstruct Hoes, Swords and Bows useless
[*]The ability to black/whitelist vanilla tools that shall/shall not be made useless (with sensible defaults)
[*]A /dumpTools command that dumps all possible values for said black/whitelist
[*]A config option to set the maximum skill level
[*]3 new rare modifiers, only obtainable through levelup

[*]Initial beta release! \o/

与早期版本的区别(英文慎入)For all the people who want to know what changed!


[*]New Head-Rendering. This means "real" endermen heads!
[*]TE-Support: Blizz Head
[*]Dense Ores Support
[*]ExtraTiC Support has been newly rebalanced to the harvestlevel progression
[*]Config option to make all non-tinkers tools useless
[*]Creating a metal cast burns up the material it was casted around. No more useless stone tool parts lying around!
[*]Dungeon Chests may contain random Weapons.

Random Bonuses

[*]Now allows ALL modifiers (if useful bonuses config is disabled)
[*]..but Bonuses are weighted, so you'll usually get very little weird bonuses
[*]Random-mode config option for pure chaos
[*]The different bonus modifiers can be deactivated separately (like TiC Tweaks)
[*]Doing stuff gives a small chance increase to obtain certain modifiers

Bonus Modifiers

[*]can now be cofigured per level. Determine at which levelups a bonus modifier is awarded. Default is after 1st, 3rd and 5th levelup

Tool Part Swapping

[*]Only one part can be exchanged at a time. Was two in old version.
[*]If a part accepts multiple parts of the same type (e.g. large plate for hammer), changing the slot the part is in changes which one will get replaced
[*]Tools with mining-level-xp cannot be downgraded to tool-heads without

Harvest Level Tweaks:

[*]Added an additional mining level, Redstone/Diamond. Basically this allows to mine diamonds, but not obsidian. Only Bronze with the NerfBronze config has this mining level, otherwise you'd need steel to progress.
[*]Material properties are a bit different (minor)
[*]Emerald/Diamond modifier don't give mining levels anymore
[*]ExtraTic Materials have been rebalanced/adjusted to HarvestLevels

Pickaxe mining level boosting

[*]Because of the additional mining level the multiplier for BoostXP has been lowered and is configurable separately now.
[*]Applicable mining levels for heads are a bit different

Part Restriction

[*]Defaults have been changed a bit

[*]The mod is separated into different, deactivatable modules
[*]The Modules can be found in IguanaTinkerTweakss config folder in the Modules.cfg
[*]The detailed configs for the modules can be found in the main.cfg

Tool Leveling

[*]Random bonuses on levelup
[*]Bonus modifiers on levelup
[*]Mining Level tooltip

Pickaxe Mining Level Boosting

[*]Pickaxes can gain a mining level
[*]Pickaxes gain xp for